BIM (Building information technology) is a management process project around a 3D digital model. A group of data bases are called upon to allow:

  • Digital representation of the project via assembling digital objects with their physical and functional features;
  • Sharing and defining information;
  • Guidance with regards decision making;
  • Facilitating coordinating for all people taking part in the project;
  • Modelling, simulating and representing;
  • Managing and treating all information in the project.

The NOX Group has been producing 3D models for 10 years for heavy industry projects, pharmacies and construction.

The notion of digital modelling has replaced the 3D model by adding new functionalities, dimensions and information. This means of conception helps to gain in both quantity and quality of information shared between people taking part in the project. It is particularly adapted to our company culture where innovation is at the very heart of our development.

Our clients benefit directly from evolutions in our BIM offer thanks to:

  • A better quality of study: Eventual problems are detected and corrected on the model;
  • Carrying out studies is speeded up: Each partner has deliverables to communicate according to a predefined schedule which means that study schedules can be reduced.

Our technical teams have helped our BIM offer to evolve by offering virtual reality visits of buildings during the modelling stage. We have in house expertise and we can offer to guide and support our clients in all their projects by including this technology (accommodation, production chains, etc.)

Take a virtual visit of the shopping centre CFAO “PlaYce Palmeraie located in Abidjan on the Ivory coast by clicking here! PlaYce Palmeraie opened its doors in July 2017.

Crédits images : © Thierry de Dinechin – DGLA