Professional Equality, fairness and encouraging diversity

The company must be the reflection of the ecosystem in which it is to be found.

As such, the NOX Group has fixed the aim of promoting professional diversity, fairness and equality with work areas such as helping young people into work, equality between men and women, balancing between different generations and employing people with disability.

  • Helping young people into work via work placements and sandwich courses: a major challenge

Recruiting young students, whether for a sandwich course (as part of an apprenticeship contract or pre-professional contract) or after a work placement is a major area to focus on for provisional policy or as part of a workforce renewal plan and for the need to acquire skills for the future.

Integrating young people into the company via a sandwich course ensures that NOX culture, know how will be transferred and that the young people can be trained in view of employment at the end of their course.

We feel that the results expected are three-fold:

  • To enable young people to get to know the company and jobs;
  • To train a young person, transfer knowledge in view of recruitment;
  • Strengthen links with schools.

On the 31st December 2016, there were 18 young people on student contracts in the NOX Group.


Our recruitment policy aims at attracting young graduates as well as experienced candidates. By diversifying our recruitment pipelines as much as possible, we encourage cultural diversity within the company. We welcome trainees from engineering schools and universities and prepare them for an optimal career start.

We encourage all our employees to build up lasting relations with their former schools so that the NOX Group becomes well known and can take part in setting up collaboration partnerships with the Human Resources Department.

In 2016, there were more than 10 of our employees who gave lessons in schools (business school, university institutes of technology and engineering schools). Moreover, the Human resources department with operational professionals take part in the school forums to show our jobs to students.

  • Equality between and women

Our aim is to ensure that there is professional equality between men and women, encouraging equal numbers of men and women throughout the company. Our aim is an ambitious one since we are evolving within an industry sector that is largely male dominated and despite this we have still managed to count 49% of women among our employees in the ETAM category (employees/technicians and supervisors) with a 70/30 % balance between men and women in 2016.

  • Generational Balance

The NOX group’ priority is to get the right balance between different generations in view of company sustainability; we wish to maintain equal proportions between the different age levels that make up the Group’s workforce.

Today, employees aged 45 and over represent 41 per cent of the workforce. It is thus essential that we anticipate retirement leaves and think about a professionalisation process, particularly via sandwich courses to better manage renewing skills.

  • Employing people with a disability

We make a point of identifying the different disabilities to take the right form of action and pinpointing levers that will enable us to adapt our policy in favour of employing people with disabilities. There is a person in the NOX Group human resources department who is specialised in helping employees with disability and they are available to talk with any employees who may need some information on this subject or anyone who wishes to find out about support measures to help them better manage their daily life by improving working conditions.

The NOX Group has also placed accessibility at the heart of its projects. The arrival of regulatory texts allowed us to export our know-how to all the buildings open to the public. The changes to the texts led us to treat accessibility to establishments for people with disabilities as a legal obligation, but it should be seen above all as an opportunity to open to all members of the public and strengthen individual freedom.

In accordance with our principles, our offices are totally accessible to people with all forms of disability, and for welcoming employees with disabilities.

At the end of 2016, the Group NOX employed 13 members of staff with disabilities and thus having discourse with the protected environment sector for numerous missions (meal deliveries, preparing staff council elections, folding). 10 of the employees started working on full time contracts in 2016.

The aim for 2017 is to use the diverse ways of collecting information, recruiting and useful remedies to double the result obtained in 2016.

Installing a relationship based on trust and value with our employees for a sustainable company.


The NOX Group is an entity with a human dimension, placing emphasis on long term employment and gaining the loyalty of employees.

Our employees are in fact the first to capitalize on our know-how and to place importance on long lasting satisfaction for clients.

The aim of the NOX Group, despite the highly seasonal nature of some of our business, is to maintain a level of more than 85 per cent for long term contracts as opposed to short term ones, we achieve this by placing emphasis on setting up pathways for professional integration to guide and support our employees through all stages of his/her career within the company.

  • A specific pathway for integration

To help each employee get to grips with his/her new work environment, we recommend they follow a specific pathway for integration.

During the first weeks, he/she will get to meet all the people that they will be working with.
During the Third month in the company, his/her manager will take stock of the situation in a first appraisal. This interview is the opportunity for both parties to go over the integration periods and talk about any difficulties experienced and for discussing the different opportunities that can open up for him in the future.

After 6 months in the company, a final appraisal for the integration period is organised with the head of Human Resources.

  • Benefit form open dialogue with his/her manager: Aim 100%

The aim of the NOX Group is to ensure that all the professional interviews become an essential time for dialogue and reflection between the manager and employees.

The aim of the interview is to encourage constructive forward-looking dialogue for lasting improvement with regards the employee’s contribution, his/her skills, professional work, etc. This is a privileged time that is meant to ensure recognition of the work accomplished and to assess achievements over the past year whilst also defining future performance expectations and objectives both long and short term in keeping with the professional development of each and every employee.

This is valued time for discussing career ambitions, training needs and opportunities for mobility. In 2016, the clear majority of employees were able to benefit from this interview.

  • In house mobility: Each employee has talent to exploit and develop

NOX Group encourages all employees to play an active role in their collective future within the company.

Professional development can particularly facilitate mobility. Thanks to in house mobility, employees can continue to follow their profession path or change if they wish according to the company’s needs. In addition, in terms of international development, the NOX Group has numerous opportunities to offer, providing an exceptional chance for career development.

Allocation of staff according to the type of contract (on the 31st/12/2016):

Fixed Long-term contract Long term contract for the duration of the building site Short term contracts TOTAL
560 8 54 622
90% 1.3 % 8.7 % 100 %
  • Training

The NOX Group feels it is important to anticipate and prepare employees for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. We make a point of keeping up to date with the latest tendencies and technical evolutions within our sector and encourage all our employees to further or adapt their skills by offering them training opportunities or mobility to anticipate necessary know how.

So, in 2016, 5,696 hours were dedicated to training our employees.

We are always recruiting new members of staff to meet with the needs of renewing the workforce and make sure that we acquire new skills for development strategies (activate BIM, international development, staff development, etc.).

Transparency and a programme for anti-corruption

The Sapin II law allows France to establish and develop anti-corruption programmes and take effective measures through a rational and modern approach.

The bill on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of the economy is referred to as “la loi Sapin II”, the government has brought in measures to enhance transparency and to combat corruption in certain economic fields. It enforces a right for potential inspection on international activities.

Brought in on the 9th December 2016, this law gives France new legal framework to combat against corruption with 8 prevention measures, with the setting up of new obligations for the fight against corruption and influence peddling for companies with at least 500 employees (or companies belonging to a group of companies with at least 500 employees) with a turnover (or consolidated turnover) which is over 100 million Euros.

The NOX Group, its directors and all executives with influence make a strong point of setting up measures for anti-corruption according to the Sapin II bill and make sure that the company strictly abide by them.

For further information about the Sapin II bill, follow this link:,24810.html#fv2OmtHMD3ZohZEz.99

Developing corporate collective sponsorship in the NOX Group and employees: Social responsibility


In the context of a framework convention with Action against hunger, NGO this appeals to the expertise of the Group NOX for developing a pumping system which is easy to manufacture, maintain and use on site and which is also not too costly.

This project which was launched by “Action contre la faim” (Action against hunger and poverty ONG association) has the aim of facilitating access to water in the world’s poorest villages.

Integrated into an Indonesian team, one of the NOX Group’s employees travelled to Kupang on the isle of Timor in Indonesia on several occasions to develop a system for a mechanical water pump for developing countries. Firstly, he was responsible for developing a prototype to suit the constraints of local needs.

Then, manufacturing a first prototype running on human energy just like an elliptical was undertaken. Our employee follows this project very closely to bring improvements to the prototype and even undertaking manufacturing a second prototype running on wind energy.

This partnership between the NOX Group and the ONG organisation for Action against hunger and poverty let to the creation of an open source plan for a water pump that was simple, robust and accessible in response to the need for water in developing countries.