« LBE Fluides » team in Tours joins NOX Group

NOX Group integrated the “LBE Fluides” company on the 27th July, ex-subsidiary of EDEV (EDF Group), who have now become part of NOX Centre-Val de Loire. 15 employees work in the company and have all been integrated into the NOX Group.

Set up in 1993 and located in Tours, LBE is an engineering company specialised in Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work. It is operational in sectors for Industry, property, health (hospitals and laboratories) and in the tertiary sector with a speciality in Thalassotherapy and Spas.

LBE will take on the role of organising consulting procedures in the fields of Thermal engineering, climatic engineering, electrical engineering, large kitchens and data management. The company is certified and qualified: RGE (certicate for environmental protection), OPQIBI (certificate for competent building engineering), Passivhaus (Passive house building certification), ICERT (certification for management systems), and RGE NF (certificate for environmental protection and office excellence).

The LBE teams under the supervision of Sylvain Ageneau (Reginal Director for the Great West Group NOX) and Sébastien Billon (head of agency), are already involved in the technical studies and some projects for the Group  subcontracted to them. LBE was integrated in 2015 in its design process and so was the use of the BIM method.

Acquiring “LBE Fluides” meant that Group NOX could expand in the region of Centre-Val de Loire and improve its skills in technical fields with high added value. This as well as expanding our portfolio of clients and architects.