NOX at the inauguration of the geothermal power station in Villejuif

NOX Group took part in constructing the new geothermal power station in Villejuif (94) which was inaugurated on the 15th May 2017. NOX ensured project management for design and construction of the processing building (geothermal, heat pump and boiler room), for the educational building and outside work for landscape, in collaboration with Yves Brangier.

The new geothermal power station is linked up to those already existing in Chevilly-Larue and L’Haÿ-les Roses, which have been running for 30 years now; they have reached their total capacity. They feed the biggest heat network in Urban Europe and with this 3rd installation, 10,000 extra houses will be linked up to the system. With increased power capacity at the new power station in Villejuif, production could end up reaching 300 gigawatt/hour per year.

The geothermal power station in Villejuif uses an underground water reserve that is 170 million years old and which produces water at a temperature of about 70° roughly 2 km under our very feet. Heat calories are extracted from the water by pumping into a main heat recovery exchanger.
After exchange, this same water is then re injected into the groundwater system. Once the heat calories have been restored onto the network for urban heating, hot water can be delivered to the different buildings linked up to the system to ensure that users are supplied with heating but also sanitary water.

Installing the geothermal power station is also coupled with a heat pump and boiler room running on natural gas.
These secondary installations are only planned to be used as a back-up service for when heating requirements are at their highest. Priority is thus given to clean energy; the heat pump which collects heat calories from residual water from the town and which is brought back to the power stations can be heated by geothermal water:

By the year 2020, up to 40,000 homes and public infrastructures will benefit from the energy produced by the 3 power stations. The Villejuif power station will be the most powerful in the area.

Picture : © Yves Brangier