NOX is constructing a new industrial site for Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim animal health (ex Merial, Sanofi division for animal health) entrusted Groupe NOX with the project for constructing a new R and D building in view of transferring work from its site in Gerland to the site in Porte des Alpes à Saint-Priest. 

The 200 employees present on the Gerland site, managing research and development activities together with industrialisation are all involved. The project follows the strategy for intentional growth of the company and its ambition to develop new product ranges, directly linked to research and development.

Boehringer Ingelheim not only wishes to protect itself from risks of obsolescence and non-compliance with regulatory standards, but also strengthen collaborative working between the research and development department and industrial operations. Installations will be made more efficient by way of grouping and sharing resources and simplifying laboratory procedures. The new industrial building with a total surface area of 4,400 m² will accommodate laboratories on two floors.bim-management-nox-industry

Le NOX ensures engineering, construction project management, EHS and help with ensuring compliance with laboratory standards. Operations will be conducted on a working site, with the constraint of ensuring that production work is not affected.

A group of 15 people will be needed for our overall mission that is due to last 3 years; the building will be up and running in December 2017.