Offices building refurbishment in Paris 13

NOX Group has been chosen by Trilogie (grouping companies Albingia, Vega, Lauremmat and Jiveha) to ensure design studies for heavy refurbishment of 24 000 m² for the building’s total floor area. Ory and Associates firm ensures the architectural part of the mission.

The building was originally built by the architect Jacques de Brauer. The façades were designed with double glazing with ventilation; the top of the building could be created from the first floor. The double glazing on the outside is pleated.

The new building, named “Kadence” aims for BREAM certification (a certifying authority assessing rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings)-the mark aimed for is “very good”; it also aims for HEQ “excellent” level and the BBC Effinergie label (for low energy consumption buildings). Works started in September 2016.

Image: © ORY & Associés