Al Noor Tower – Tanger

  • Client

    Middle East Developement

  • Architects

    Valode & Pistre

  • Operations

    Project Manager & Design

NOX Group took on the role of project manager and designer in the construction project for the tower of AL Noor in Morocco. Middle East development entrusted Valode and Pistre with the architectural studies and plans for this tower.

With a surface area of about 300,000m2 on 114 levels; the tower is 540 m high, in reference to 54 African countries, sheltering a mixed programme grouping together trading floors, offices, hotel, restaurants, shops and leisure facilities.

It includes luxury boutiques, offices, professional workshops, a five-star hotel with 200 suites, a restaurant in the shape of a diamond and accommodates markets for African raw material that is precious.

Images : © Valode & Pistre