Childcare centre « Rose des vents »

  • Client

    City of Rouen

  • Architect

    Hondelatte Laporte Architectes

NOX Group and Hondelatte Laporte architects worked together on the construction project for the “Rose des vents” nursery in Rouen. NOX carried out the technical studies and research all trades mission for this project.

The building is entirely on the ground floor to form a natural boundary with the public park areas and complexes. The outside areas linked to local activities are positioned to the South, for visual continuity with the parkland, protected by a living plant fences for optimal sunlight. Every roof that emerges is a chance to let strong coloured beams of light penetrate, orientated towards the Est and the West.

The challenge in this project is two fold because the quality of the natural parkland needs to be preserved whilst also making sure that writing on a piece of equipment for infants can be easily read and contribute to upgrading the image of the neighbourhood.

Images: © Hondelatte Laporte Architectes