“École Normale Supérieure” Cachan

  • Client

    ENS Cachan

  • Architect

    Pro Développement

NOX Group carried out the programming mission as well as providing project management assistance for fluid-structure in the project for constructing the new school (Ecole Normale supérieure ENS) in Cachan on the Saclay site.

The new campus was imagined to be around an interior road on several levels, with alternating gardens, inside gardens and buildings put in place to make the view optimal, lighting thanks to solar gain but also communication between people and making the teaching areas adaptable.

Some information on NOX’s mission:

  • Specific treatment of some rooms such as laboratories, white rooms;
  • Diagnostic for structures (metallic frame and reinforced concrete):  load bearing capacity and deterioration;
  • Diagnostic for systems for heating/air conditioning/ventilation/electric installations and fire;
  • Pre-sizing and technical recommendations for renovation and extension;
  • Drawing up a detailed technical programme (all trades) with an estimation for the cost of investment and for maintenance/exploitation.

Images: ©Ateliers Lion Associés