Extending the RER line E (Eole project)

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    Technical design and studies for structure and assisting with project management and preliminary project studies

The project for extending the RER E West towards Eole aimed to improve transport and reinforce connexions between French towns in the East with French towns in the West, but with new, enhanced quality of service.

The current line E of the RER was extended 55 km West bound, 8 km of which were to pass through tunnels, from the Haussmann Saint Lazare station to the Mates-la-Jolie station. 47 km of the existing line were reorganized and 3 new stations created: Porte Maillot, La Défense-CNIT and Nanterre-La-Folie. Implementation will be done progressively up until 2022.

The main objectives were to offer an alternative to the RER line A that crosses Paris, to improve the deserted area of “Seine Aval” between Mantes-La-Jolie et Poissy and thus guide development for an operation of national importance, making travelling from home to work easier, improving access to areas in Paris-NORD and PARIS EST as well as to the Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport, etc.

The missions undertaken by NOX in this project were to do with cost, phasing and producing graphical documents (plans).