Exxon Mobil Refinery

  • Client

    Exxon Mobil

  • Services

    Basic studies/construction work

The project’s objective was to improve managing access into the “Port Jéôme” in Notre dame refinery in Gravenchon (76) thanks to the following changes:

  • Replacing the existing fencing by a fencing fitted with intrusion detecting system and surveillance camera;
  • Reorganising main access for improving monitoring and safety for people entering the site;
  • Installing a fibre optic network;
  • Installing a system for controlling access to the site;
  • Creating a central control station;
  • Securing access to control rooms and to rooms for procedures;

NOX Group’s mission was based on basic and detailed studies, scheduling, purchasing, managing works and starting up. 

This project was carried out on a site in operation whilst still maintaining demands for site integrity during the works stage.