Geothermal power station in Villejuif

  • Architect

    Yves Brangier

  • Services

    Project management

NOX Group took part in constructing the new geothermal power station in Villejuif (94).

Their role was total project management for conception and dealing with processes for the building (geothermal, heat pump and heating), for the educational building and outside layout. 

The power station works thanks to an underground reserve of seawater that has existed for 170 million years, at a temperature of 70°c. It is located at about 2 km under our feet. Heat Calories are extracted by a pump linked to a main Heat recovery system

Afterwards, this same water is re injected into the ground water system. Once the heat calories collected are on the network for urban heating, hot water can be distributed to the different buildings connected to the system for heating but also for producing sanitary water for users.   Installing this geothermal power station is coupled with a heat pump and a natural gas furnace.

Image : © Yves Brangier