Grand Quartier Shopping centre

  • Client

    Groupe CASINO

  • Architect

    Jean-Pierre Bergeret

  • Services


NOX Rennes acts as project manager for all work regarding the reorganising and extension of the shopping centre of the main commercial district (Groupe CASINO) which will be extended from 37 000 m² to 45 000 m².

The Main commercial area will have 22 new shops and will provide room for leisure and culture covering a surface area of 1 500 m². This building site is complex because the existing shopping centre needs to be closed for the work to be carried out and will mean that 3 000 m3 of earth will need to be excavated. In addition to this, the work also requires 4 000 m3 of concrete, 300 t of iron, 80 KM of electric cable, 2km of piping as well as 10 t of ventilation shafts. So far, 60 employees have been working on the site on a full-time basis. The number of employees will be increased to 150 for the last part of the work to be carried out before project delivery which is planned for next November.

Apart from enlarging the shopping gallery, the shopping centre will open onto the Beauregard district thanks to reorganising parking spaces and by creating a 4th entrance which will lead out onto a green courtyard.

On this work site, which started last February, NOX Rennes and the architect Jean-Pierre Bergeret have been working mostly with local companies such as Angevin  for the main construction work.

Grand Quartier will have the capacity to welcome 4 million visitors every year and aims to reach 5.5 million thanks to the renovation work.

Image : © Jean-Pierre Bergeret