Hôtel du Palais – Biarritz

  • Client

    Hôtel du Palais - Biarritz

  • Architects

    Atelier COS-Pierre-Yves ROCHON-Isabelle JOLY

  • Services

    Swimming pools-economy- -ISL networks - coordinating studies and plans -construction project management

Built in 1854, the “Hôtel du Palais” is a 5-star establishment, unique in its kind on the Atlantic coast.

With 122 bedrooms, 30 suites and 2 restaurants, the hotel had to undergo work on the roof and façades in 2017 followed by interior renovation from wing to wing. In the context of refurbishing, the NOX Group was chosen as the main project supervisor by “Socomix”( the mixed economy company of the Hôtel du Palais at Biarritz).

Our missions were as follows:

  • Completely redistributing fluid and finding a rationalising conception plan adapted to the building and its use (heat network and substation, 4 tube cold/hot systems, electricity distribution with customized protection);
  • Regulating and measuring energy linked up to a GTC (centralized technical management system);
  • Managing control systems for various scenarios in the rooms;
  • Phasing work over winter periods whilst still keeping work up to the required level, ensuring safety, durability of the works and cutting off the wings.