Construction of the Iran Mall -Tehran

  • Client

    Iran Mall Commercial Company

  • Architect

    Norr Group

NOX Group took part in the construction of a new shopping centre in Tehran, the Iran Mall, which is the biggest in the region.

The Iran Mall has a total surface area of 1,000,000m2 with two hotels, a multi complex cinema, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a skating rink as well as 1,000 shops. The aim is to create one of the most luxurious shopping centres in the world and break away from traditional standards in terms of conception, quality and surface area.

NOX Group is to take part in the shop part of the project and has the role of steering creating the site plan for the shops. A team of 25 people will eventually be present on the site.

The Iran Mall is due to open its doors in 2017.

Images : © Norr Group