“Le Jardin des Fonderies” – Nantes

  • Client

    OCDL Giboire

  • Architect


NOX Group took part in the construction project for ” Le Jardin des Fonderies “ residence in Nantes with a total of 90 dwellings, shops and offices.

Le Jardin des Fonderie is located on the isle of Nantes, opposite former industrial premises that have been renovated and turned into an exotic garden open to the public. The overall site is on a large-scale base which takes up the entire plot. The South façade will not be subject to any construction work to preserve the opening to the residence on the new public garden.

The large-scale base will allow us to create a large platform on two levels, with a suspended garden (6 metres off the ground), like a semi private green garden. To the South, the base will hold 300m2 surface area for offices where the GPAA agency has decided to set itself up, under a hangar with a pleated surface made of zinc, opposite the exotic public garden.

The Northern façade the buildings will create an urban façade along the roads and pathways the colours of the buildings as well as the metal work on the terraces are a reminder of the metal works cast on the foundries that shelter the existing premises.

Images : © GPAA