“La Timone” Hospital – Marseille

  • Client


  • Architect

    AART - Samir Farah

  • Services

    Full project management/HEQ project management

NOX worked in association with the Architect Samir Farah, entrusted with the l’AP-HM -(hospital administration authority)-(Hospital of Marseille)- mission for technical project management for enlarging the big hospital in the PACA region as much as possible

The project consisted of constructing a medico technical building grouping together all activities based on emergency, ensuring areas were comfortable, functional and bathed in natural lighting.

This high technology structure was designed to improve circulation for patients, reducing waiting time and making the medical teams’ work optimal.

The brand-new building covering 120,000m² has a total of 40 operating theatres, 24 X ray and scanning facilities and 321 hospital beds.

Images : © AART – Samir Farah