“Le Patio” – Rueil Malmaison

  • Client


  • Architect

    B&B Architectes

  • Services

    Technical studies and research /All trades/-operational project and construction management

NOX Group was responsible for the project to construct a high rise residential building “Le Patio” (92) in the following stages:

  • Demolition of the superstructure:
  • High rise office block with a surface area of 16,120m2.
  • Infrastructure:
    • Alsace Lorraine car park
    • Alber first car park;
    • Foundations, main refurbishing work and doing up the car park.
  • Constructing an apartment building (4th category) with 15,000 metres squared floor area (on the ground floor and with 18 floors) Keeping the public car park in use R-1

Image : © B&B Architectes