Modernising the university hospital – Limoges

  • Client

    CHU Limoges

  • Services

    Full project management

NOX Group oversaw the project management for making the hospital safety compliant and for modernizing the Dupuytren hospital.

Built in 1975, the Dupuytren building, which is the main site of the university hospital in Limoges, covers a surface area of 120,000m2 and had to be made compliant with safety rules and regulations. NOX also constructed a walkway to link up with another building and carried out different adaptations for restructuring spaces.

Modernising the site aimed to make team organisation optimal and to ensure that the sectors gained in efficiency. NOX also meet the requirement of improving accommodation conditions and patient circulation. The works will come to an end in 2024. The operation is led entirely by BIM.

NOX is collaborating with the associate Michel Beauvais Associé (MBA), on this project as well as with Lucigny Talhoët and associates (LTA) and the Piquet firm.