Montparnasse Station Paris

  • Client

    Gares & Connexions - Altarea

  • Architects

    AREP – Jouin Manku - SLA

  • Services

     Project management for main construction work with technical lots

The renovation project for the Gare Montparnasse was launched by the SNCF to cope with the new traveller flows linked to new high-speed train lines that had been opened up towards the South West of France and Spain.

Improving the service for travellers consisted in reorganising traveller flows by setting up new systems for vertical circulation routes, renovating public areas in the station and the SNCF work areas (ticket office, receptions, services for travellers, changing older parts of the SNCF building into shopping areas so as to make the station more modern and more attractive for users.

NOX Group was responsible for the project management mission for main construction work and technical lots.

The project location is in a very complex environment, the station being spread over 4 levels, overlooked by offices used by the SNCF and which are currently being renovated; high rise office building and high-rise flats used by third parties and located on top of the car park and infrastructure.

Images : © AREP – Jouin Manku – SLA