EDF CNEN Flamanville Nuclear power station

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    Audit process

EDF CNEN entrusted us with a risk analysis for exceeding pressure limits and temperature limits on 42 process systems in the new nuclear power station 3 in Flamanville.

This mission represented a total of 514 PID schemas (piping and instrumentation diagrams).

The key elements for this mission were:

  • Creating a method for analysing each system, based on the AP1520 and AP1521 approach;
  • Analysing each system completed by reading over all the relevant documents;
  • Regular meetings with the CNEN managers for the systems analysed and taking part in CNEN coordination meetings;
  • Drawing up an analysis report for each of the 42 systems with recommendations;
  • Making sure each CNEN manager was responsible for the system of recommendations given by the NOX Group and that they could take them into account.