Ouest France Digital Hall

  • Client

    Ouest France

  • Architect

    KRAFT Architectes

  • Services

    Demolition/decontamination, VRD, structure, thermal, fluids, acoustics, planning, management and coordination

KRAFT Architects and NOX Rennes won the competitive tender launched by “Ouest France” for the construction of a digital hall with a surface area of 7 055 m². The project also includes reorganising the parking spaces and traffic flow associated. The new office building, located near to the head office in Rennes for editing will have the capacity of holding 420 people.

It has been thought up to guarantee a large open space with more room provided, natural Zenithal lighting system, with a view of the sky for public spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, vertical flow, etc. One of the particularities of this project is the strong combination of green outside spaces with incoming natural light; this is accentuated in a very natural way in strategic parts of the building.  The landscape areas remain outside but add vegetation to the building.

NOX Rennes has carried out studies for demolition and decontamination, VRD, structure, thermal, fluids, acoustics, savings as well as being responsible for scheduling, steering and coordinating the project. The building should be operational by 2019.

Images : © KRAFT Architectes