“Oxane” Office block – Nantes

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    Technical studies and research all trades/synthesis/operational project management/ project management/HEQ

Oxane is an office block located on the outskirts of Nantes.

Up stair breakage (gap) generating an atypical level, lavishly equipped with glass panes giving a 360-degree panoramic view The aspect of the building changes from daytime to night-time  due to a system of folding material.

NOX Group took part in constructing the building with the following missions:

  • Creating a platform for offices over a surface of 7,000m2,
  • Help with French certification for environmental quality,
  • Regulatory thermal studies,
  • Study and plans for heating, plumbing, ventilation, high and low voltage,
  • Making the thermal envelope optimal,
  • Choosing energy systems.

Images: © Sud Architecte