Production factory for vaccinations

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Sanofi Pasteur entrusted NOX Group with service provisions for the preliminary drafts for design and construction work for a new building on the Val de Reuil site. The latter was to involve 3 stages to break down the work and format the liquid material into pharmaceutical vaccination products (syringes and vials).

  • Studies: Carrying out design studies and detailed studies for the building and the installation process were part and parcel of the main service provisions for the building;
  • Treating mirage areas (6 x 140m2) for the vaccination products (syringes and vials) with very low humidity (<30%);
  • Mission for steering activities and coordination: Setting up the production equipment;
  • Project management for producing the batches: Responsible for delivery, assembly, installation of the batches;
  • Trials – Qualification Important qualification/validation trials carried out on the equipment were part of our role;
  • Managing the building site: Organisation, building site follow up and coordination for setting up the equipment;
  • Documentation management: Collecting latest plans, collecting detailed plans updated for the suppliers, receptioning and checking the instruction manual, maintenance for batches and for each piece of equipment, grouping together all the elements outside of contracts drawn up during implementation.

Features of this project:

  • Work was carried out in a clean environment (clean concept);
  • Importance of the trial/qualification/validation phase;
  • Strict compliance with HSE rules and regulations (safety) and especially when handling liquid;
  • Steering the schedule;
  • Managing documentation.