Beaulieu retirement home Angoulême

  • Client

    Centre Hospitalier de Girac/PPP VINCI

  • Architect

    Chabanne et Partenaires

NOX Group took part in constructing the Beaulieu retirement home located in Angoulême with 200 beds. This project is in the ABF  “Architects des bâtiments de France” sector (French architectural review board).

The concrete building is BBC classified (low energy consumption building) and its thermal insulation is reinforced by from outside for better comfort during the Summer. Hot water for domestic water comes from solar energy thanks to a “dead water” buffer storage tank and heat exchanger to avoid the risk of legionella developing. Concealment is achieved by using outside blinds with blades that can be moved to control solar gain. All the technical installations are in specific rooms on the garden level (inversed double flow ventilation). No technical installation is visible on the roof of the building in accordance with regulatory ABF standards (French architectural review board for)

The project is subject to thermal regulations set up in 2005. NOX Group has had to respond to the two-fold problem of lofty expectations with regards comfort for residents and the need to reduce working costs.

Images : © Chabanne et Partenaires