Roissy Airport-Charles De Gaulle

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    Aéroport de Paris

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Developing airport capacity for Roissy-Charles de Gaulle led to an increase in the need for distributing electricity, cooling energy and thermal power.

The new electrical refrigeration system will now be able to deal with these new energy requirements.

NOX Group supervised the sub trade part of the construction work in the project in the following missions:

  • Taking part in weekly meetings with the overall project management service,
  • Organising and conducting meetings for coordinating studies, visa follow up and construction plans,
  • The phase for scheduling preparation and implementation,
  • Coordinating the companies,
  • Conducting building site meetings,
  • Organising and piloting tasks linked to checks, trials and monitoring equipment,
  • Follow up and piloting lifting reservations for material and equipment at the end of the building site,
  • Handling any complaints.