Total Thermal power plant – Uganda

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     Pre-feasibility study and estimation for several thermal power plant options

NOX Group carried out pre-feasibility studies and estimations for several thermal power plant options in Uganda to recover excess gas coming from oil fields.

Total wished to recover this gas by the bias of a thermal power plant so as to produce electricity on the Uganda network and produce vapour for the refinery to be built next-door. Net heat input for the gas available is 360 MWth.

After the first stage of identifying all the different possibilities for thermal power plants, 4 options were preselected:

  • Simple cycle gas turbine
  • Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT)
  • Gas engines;
  • Steam Boiler/turbine

The different options were compared according to various criteria such as the schemas for functioning, floor space needed for the installation, material and thermal balance, the thermal power consumed, installation yield, operation costs and costs for maintenance, etc.