University of Aix-en-Provence

  • Client

    Aix-Marseille Université

  • Services

    Assisting contracting authority with project management, technical app, HEQ and maintenance

NOX Group was chosen to assist project management, helping public authorities (APP) with technical parts of the project; with HEQ and maintenance for partnership contracts, as well as for technical scheduling for the different operations to conduct.

One part of the projects had to be be carried out as a partnership contract, the other projects as traditional project management missions.

Interior layout operations and construction were started on Marseille Luminyand Aix-en Provence sites, the idea being to group together all the universities to form one entity. The university site was subject to complete urban reorganisation aiming to improve the internal functioning of the site and of partial reconstruction for the buildings.

The project included urban redevelopment with complete reorganisation of traffic flows. The amphitheatre needed to be brought up to the required standard for rules and regulations, the building for literary studies was to be renovated, a library for the law department rebuilt, “a central point for the campus” created, a building for economic sciences constructed and sports installations already in place extended.

Image: © Tangram Architectes et Carta Architectes