Waves-Actisud Metz shopping centre

  • Client

    Compagnie de Phalsbourg

  • Architects

    GR Design and Dubosc&Associés

The NOX Group took part in construction the Waves-Actisud shopping centre located in Metz (57) on an 18 hectare plot.

Waves has about 40 shops, for example Truffaut, Célio or even Maisons du Monde, spread over a sales surface area of more than 60,000m2.

Emphasis was placed on outside landscaping with numerous parks and an artificial lake. It is animated by dancing fountains and surrounded by numerous restaurants. At the side of the lake, a scene is going to be set up for cultural entertainment.

A bit of extra information about NOX:

  • Creating green car parks with 2,503 places;
  • Land development for 18 Ha including an underground tunnel “large road” and an artificial lake;
  • Constructing a building HEQ and quality assessment 2012;
  • Covering over rooves and façades.

ACIEROID, a Spanish subsidiary of the Bouygues Group have applied for a patent for the roof and Waves Façades which are made entirely of stainless steel.