The satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders for our projects is at the very heart of our requirements. We have set up a strict quality policy based on 5 values which will drive our action: Commitment, creativity, excellence, sharing and challenge.

In 2017, we decided to set up a division entirely dedicated to performance and quality to guarantee more reliability and excellence in the service provisions we offer.


Real guarantee of performance and quality, the NOX Group is certified as follows: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MASE, CEFRI, OPQIBI et OHSAS 18001*.

Clients Quality

Since 1998, our quality policy has contributed to our success and our reliability with regards our clients. We continually put all our efforts into improving our productivity by considering all the expectations and needs of the interested parties.

Our quality policy is based on the following 6 objectives:

  • Consolidating technical expertise and the versatility of our employees by way of in house and outside training courses, to guarantee the sustainability of our expertise, our experience and our know-how,
  • Thanks to our procedures, we can use identical working methods for everyone to optimize and facilitate information exchanges between in-house employees and outside actors who are involved in working on our projects.
  • Strengthening taking our clients’ suggestions into consideration and taking note of their requirements;
  • Placing emphasis on considering risk factors in when managing our projects;
  • We work towards greater customer satisfaction and promote customer relations by using the quality, cost, deadline triptych,
  • Stimulating pro activity on the part of our employees to maintain our continuous improvement process.

Reaching these targets is consolidated by performance indicators set up in the Division for performance of the NOX Group. Their aim is to improve steering efficiency and project management to adapt to our clients’ requirements. These indicators are continually revised to ensure coherence.

Environmental Health and safety policy (HSP)


The Nox Group believes that health and safety stakes are an essential and major factor to consider if we wish to make our activity sustainable.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of our employees and contractors and controlling environmental impacts linked to our activity.

Our “zero accident” target means that we have had to make a point of guaranteeing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees, by anticipating accidents as much as possible and by eliminating causes for these risks.

This involves abiding by numerous regulatory environmental commitments: Continual training for employees, ensuring adequate sills for missions, identifying and assessing foreseeable dangers, rationalising and making our energy consumption optimal, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

*Certifications :

  • ISO 9001 : NOX Bourgogne, NOX Energie Auvergne, NOX Energie Bourgogne, NOX Ile-de-France, NOX Metz, NOX Nantes, NOX PACA, NOX Rhône-Alpes ;
  • ISO 14001 : NOX Energie Bourgogne, NOX Rhône-Alpes ;
  • MASE : NOX Ile-de-France ;
  • CEFRI : NOX Ile-de-France ;
  • OPQIBI : NOX Bourgogne, NOX Brest, NOX Dijon, NOX Ile-de-France, NOX Laval, NOX Lorient, NOX Metz, NOX Nantes, NOX Rennes, NOX Rhône-Alpes, NOX PACA ;
  • OHSAS 18001 : NOX Energie Bourgogne, NOX Rhône-Alpes.