Research and innovation at the NOX Group is based on creating new techniques that can be applied to construction.

The target for our division dedicated to innovation and keeping an eye on technology innovations is twofold: Galvanizing and coordinating actions for fundamental research, applied research and developing within the group before diffusing the information and enhancing our expertise as a result.

The performance of our research activity and development is one of the keys to our success. This can be explained thanks to our state of the art solutions that enable us to reach a level of excellence.

Example of achievements: Passive safety for the Total building in Solaize (69)

Total bureau solaize realisation groupe nox r&d

Our team of researchers have worked on the passive safety of buildings in the as part of a project for Total. They have studies the building located on a SEVESO industrial site subject to strict safety constraints, namely in case of an explosion.

The classical approach consists of classifying the risks and bringing individual responses by creating an edifice work capable of resisting explosion in answer to the direct effects of an explosion, then by taking conservatory measures for elements in the work to limit risk of falling components due to deterioration and to respond to indirect effects.

The innovative approach of the RI team from NOX have been brought to tackle this issue in a concept of “passive safety” able to minimise the severity of an accident.

In this way, passive safety comes into force during an accident, while active safety (or primary safety) comes into play before the accident and tertiary safety after an accident. Our team has thus studies and designed a superstructure façade using passive safety so that the the blow effect can be absorbed after an explosion in the environment and significantly attenuate measures for suppressive regimes.