NOX Group offers clients a full range of support and guidance. Our specialised knowledge in the Sector allows us to position ourselves as real conductors for managing the different people involved in working on the project. We can guarantee total transparency for all our clients with regards developing their projects.

Turnkey solutions

Since 2006, we have been able to offer our clients complete turnkey solutions  which means they can entrust us with the overall development of their projects.

We position ourselves as an intermediary between contracting authorities and private or public investors so as to guide them right form the very first drafts of their building project.

We offer them the possibility of designing a turnkey construction project, giving them a contractual guarantee for the 3 main principles:  Overall price, time limit for contraction and for expected performances.

We remain the sole intermediary for sales, technical and financial elements throughout our entire collaboration, right from feasibility of the project through to operational follow up of the works conducted and finally handing over the keys.


The NOX Group also helps with the follow up of operations by ensuring project management.

The services we are entrusted with cover two types of missions:

  • Delegated project management: Our client entrusts us with the overall steering of their project. We suggest a tailor-made offer of guiding them through the project, giving them a whole range of advice, expertise and help with regards decision making for both purchasing property and the construction process.
  • Assisting with project management: We only take on the role of advisor and simply make suggestions. We help to make project coordination easier by designing the plans and supervising the different people working on the project.

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